carrier SETUP

Interested in Joining Our Team as a Carrier?

If your trucking company is interested in becoming an approved carrier for Access World Logistics Corporation, please print or email completed attached carrier setup package forms. These forms are the requirements which must be satisfied before we can dispatch your drivers on Access World Logistic Corporation loads.

Carrier dog Access World Logistics AWL

To become an AWL carrier, contact your insurance company and request that they email or fax the following certificates to AWL Corporation, naming AWL Corporation as the certificate holder:

  • Comprehensive auto / truck liability insurance (Bodily Injury and Property Damage – BIPD)
  • Cargo insurance
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance

We will then need you to complete the following documents, email or fax the information to AWL Corporation at: FAX: 877-368-1177.

Click on the document name to open the forms in a new window, there you will be able to fill out the forms, and then save or print them upon completion.

Please review that you are required to provide to Access World Logistics Corporation and email your saved files to at: