Transloading and Rigging

When it comes to loading or unloading your cargo, we know you want your products protected and handled by knowledgeable professionals at every step in the process.  As a member of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, we use only approved SC&RA member companies, whenever possible.  Whether your cargo is coming out of or going into a standard container, Open Top, or Flat Rack, we make sure each  completed job is approved by an onsite expert. 

For export containers and Flat Racks, we make sure each one is inspected and certified by the National Cargo Bureau before they are tendered to the steamship line.  Many of our competitors choose to forego the cost of export certification, in order to save money.  This means these companies often arrive at the port, only to find out their container or Flat Rack does not pass inspection by the steamship line.  This can cause tremendous additional expenses in order to bring the container into SSL compliance.  Many times, a rejected container can cause it to miss the booking altogether.  We will never put you or your customers’ intermodal export shipments in such a difficult position.  There is simply no reason to take the risk.