Heavy Life Cranes

Reliable Heavy Lift Crane Services 

Access World Logistics Corporation works within your timeline to provide quality heavy lift services. We have access to high capacity forklifts as well as a wide variety of cranes to provide you with the lifting capacity you need. 

Handling your heavy and sensitive items is always safe and easy when you call on Access World Logistics Corporation. We work with dedicated professionals with years of experience in the cargo transport industry to plan and execute each lift efficiently. 

If you want smooth, worry free drayage and expert transloading of your cargo, call AWL.

AWL maintains relationships with crane and rigging companies all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. We are always ready to arrange cost effective heavy lift equipment and personnel to load and unload your cargo anywhere according to your schedule. We can comfortably handle picks up to 250,000 pounds. Should you have cargo that exceeds 250,000 pounds contact us. AWL can make arrangements to handle larger loads should your cargo require. We always aim to please, your satisfaction is our number one goal.  

Crane Capacities

  • 125 ton
  • 80 ton
  • 60 ton

Forklift Capacities

  • 52,000
  • 36,000
  • 22, 000
  • 15,500
  • 11,000
  • 9,000
  • 5,000